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Amplify Consulting Inc.


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About Us

We know our clients want to be effective and engaged business leaders.

They want to grow their organization with highly engaged staff who consistently provide clients with an exceptional experience. The problem is, they’re typically so close to their business that it’s hard for them to develop and communicate a clear message which is costing them money. They also find that without intentionally engaging with their staff and clients, they have a weak connection. As a result, they don’t truly know what’s on the hearts and minds of these stakeholders making it hard to determine next steps for their organization.

We help organizational leaders clarify their message and purpose to amplify their impact.

Here’s how we do it:
We get together and talk.
We clarify your challenges and goals.
We develop a plan and take action.

So book an appointment by emailing me at and let’s talk. Stop wasting time and money on ineffective communications and instead understand your customer and deliver clear communications that work.


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