British Columbia Wildlife Park (The Kamloops Wildlife Park Society)



About Us

Our Vision
To contribute to a future that embraces conservation of wild ecosystems, biodiversity and a healthy natural environment.

Our Mission
To encourage the appreciation of and respect for BC's wildlife, and to assist in preserving biodiversity through education, research, captive breeding and rehabilitation services.

Our Motto
Conservation through Education.

Our Philosophy
The BC Wildlife Park connects people to BC's wildlife and wild places in order to encourage a sustainable society within a healthy natural environment.

To ensure we achieve our Vision and Mission, the BC Wildlife Park employs both on site and outreach educational programming which have been developed according to the following over arching themes:

Creating positive emotional connections to wildlife

Experiencing the interconnectedness of nature

Emphasizing the importance and power of individual responsibility

The New Vision is to develop the facilities and the on site and extension programming in partnership with government and the private sector to interpret BC wildlife and promote sustainability to all people in BC and nature tourists from around the world.