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About Us

We believe that a healthy and effective lending market is key to the success of individuals, businesses and communities! Through our many years operating within the commercial lending market, we have come to realize that there are quality financing opportunities never coming to market, simply because they are not finding the appropriate funding sources. These missed opportunities hurt developers, potential investors, and their communities as they represent opportunities that simply will never come to fruition.

Our team is comprised of experienced commercial lenders, underwriters and developers, providing us with a unique and balanced understanding of both the needs of borrowers as well as financiers. FIT Financial works within existing services and infrastructure to enhance business. We are not competing with brokers – we are providing a framework for them to focus on clients and increase their volume of transactions and income. We are not competing with lenders – we are creating additional avenues for them to achieve business growth, while providing quality structuring, underwriting and due diligence packages.