7 Point Millworks & Installation Ltd.



About Us

We are a Kamloops-based millworks supplier in the heart of British Columbia, and proudly serve businesses throughout Western Canada. We provide custom commercial millwork — from concept to completion — from Vancouver Island to Thunder Bay.

At TQM our millwork is specifically designed for retail outlets, offices, and specialty storefront merchants. We are also the primary millwork provider for Shoppers Drug Mart in Western Canada, where we have outfitted 200 new and renovated locations.

We know you have work to do, and at TQM we make sure that we have the proper resources and capacity so that we meet your timelines and quality standards. We are a responsive team that is accountable for every step of the process: concept, materials, production, shipping and installation.

At TQM the quality matters.
3 things you should know about us: We have never missed a store opening, we ensure we hit your deadline with a 100-per-cent fill rate, we try to meet your changes or modifications in a fast, efficient manner allowing for a quicker turnaround and we have outfitted over 200 new and renovated locations.