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About Us

We started with a family history of cooking from the garden and in 1995 with the help of family and friends planted our first real garden on our 20 acre farm located on the banks of the beautiful South Thompson River near Kamloops

This has progressed to where we are today. Our farm produces certified organic vegetables, fruits, culinary flowers and herbs, We have grown from one garden to 17 rotating plots. Our mission is to provide top-quality organic produce for the local community, while maintaining a business that supports our family and keeps our community healthy.

We continue to learn as we grow our produce. We use a drip water system to keep a steady water supply in our hot weather and mulch to keep a handle on the weeds. The green compost has outlived all of the organic fertilizers we have tried. The beautiful fruits and vegetables of our labor give us great satisfaction by providing food of great quality, flavor and nutritional value. We believe that the life & health of the soil is vitally important to insuring that our produce has an abundance of the minerals and vitamins needed to fuel our bodies.

We want to share our seed saving and are continuing our work with Seedy Saturday as well have made our seeds available for sale.